Reflections on Soul... and soulmates


... borrowed from Thomas Moore, in his book, Soul Mates

"Soul, by reason of its vast dimensions and its mysteries, injects life and relationship with reasons and
movements that go against much of what is felt to be good, intelligent, and prudent. On the other hand, the
soulful relationship is not willfully perverse, either; it has qualities of the paradoxical and unexpected. And
eventually we may perceive a subtle vein of wisdom and benevolent providence in all its twists and turns,
its agonies and ecstasies, even while a satisfying rational understanding may well prove to be eternally


"We are left with a different kind of participation: not a controlling one, not a reasoning one, not an idealizing
one. Fate brings the soulful relationship into existence, then its profound implications unfold, as we watch,
enter into it with imagination, and glimpse its unique spirit."



"The point in a relationship is not to make us feel good, but to lead us into a profound alchemy of soul that reveals to us many of the pathways and openings that are the geography of our own destiny and potentiality. .... a vehicle as well to the absolute factors that shape human life fundamentally. Every relationship that touches the soul leads us into a dialogue with eternity, so that, even though we may think our strong emotions focus on the people around us, we are being set face to face with divinity itself, however we understand or speak that mystery."