"Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life. Don't let them scare you unduly, for they keep boredom at bay and spark creativity."
R. I. Fitzhenry
"Mediocre minds usually dismiss anything which reaches beyond
their own understanding."
*Francois de La Rochefoucald {1613-1680 French Writer}

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4/08/03 - Pages to be updated soon - Got me a new webhost!!!
5/20/01 - FINALLY she updates the front page... a new page added, Pics & Grins, pics from the cam. New pics replace older ones in Family & Friends
2/06/01 New pics in family & friends; new items in this & that; new pics and a piano clip in pianos
1/04/01 Added pics in family & friends page
1/02/01 Took out link placemark for St. Martin's, as I won't be putting up news about that; updated opening page; added Pianos & such
12/7/00 It's 3:30 a.m. -- and I'm playing with pictures! At least I won the fight with the computer...
11/30/00 Added link to the Passionist Father's pages for Christmastide.
11/27/00 Updated this page, added advent prayer link and new items to This & That...
11/7/00 HEY!!!
Check out the new item in THIS & THAT... run your mouse over the hands....
11/2/00 - Added news to Girl Scout Page; Added new section of items I've found inspiring (This & That...); updated Index
10/20/00 - Request for information for compostion project.
10/19/00 - Added some new content
10/19/00 - Updated the design

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