Girl Scout service mark.

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Girl Scouts
Brownie Troop 4401
  • Meeting 11/17/00
  • Meeting 12/1/00
    • Games - towards completion of Play Try-It
    • Circle Time - Introduce Expo, decide on booth or not, and discuss possibilities; thank girls for work with nut and magazine sales; 
    • Activity: Complete map activities for Around the World Try-It
    • Went through People Near and Far chapter in book, towards completion of Around the World Try-It
    Remember:  Caroling, 3:15 -5:00; 12/14/00. Meet in school lunchroom for snack, then we will take either bus or cars to the senior suites etc. Parents: Pick up girls at school again at 5:00. Don't forget to sign a permission slip, please!
  • Meeting, 12/15/00 -- cancelled
  • Meeting, 01/05/01
    • Games - for Play Try-it completion
    • Circle Time - Christmas; Expo; Snack - Emma; Dues, Attendance
      • Expo: 
        • Theme: Girls Everywhere
        • will have a booth and do fingernail painting using colors of flags from several countries, and pass out stickers of the flags
        • Country focus will include map, girl guide info, flag (poster), and cultural similarities or differences
    • Activity: 1 Minute/10 Item Memory Game; requirement for Play Try-It
    • Craft/Activity: Fishbowl Flashboards,  requirement for Senses Try-It
    • Learning - Globe activities from Around the World Try-It
    • Introduce signing in handbook, begin learning to sign the Promise; requirement for Senses Try-It
    • Games: towards Play Try-It
  • Meeting, 01/19/01
Hazen Girl Scout Leader's Place
  • Hazen Leaders email & phone numbers
  • Service Unit Meeting Minutes
  • Upcoming Event Information
    • Thinking Day - tabled till next service mtg; do something in your own troop if you prefer.
    • Expo - Registrations need to be in for the Bismarck Expo on 2/8; event is 2/24; fee - $2/girl
    • Cookie Sales begin 2/9; completed and orders turned in on 2/26; leaders turn in orders by 3/1
    • Girl Scout Sunday - 3/11
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