Here, a picture taken of my hands while playing the piano -- the only time I ever really and truly had to play for my supper, and in a jail!!. A very very dear friend came to visit me in Arkansas too many moons ago, and we escaped from the city to Old Washington State Park, just outside of  Hope, Arkansas. This area was the Confederate capitol of Arkansas during the civil war, and was home to statesmen and criminals alike. (Hmmm... might they be the same???) There we arrived at the Old County Jail, which has been restored into a bed and breakfast ... wouldja believe it, only in Arkansas, folks!  Anyway, we arrived so late that the restaurant facility had long been closed. As we were expected, however, we were promptly ushered into the parlor of this lovely southern building, finding a small grand piano just begging to be played. And voila -- I got to play so we could get us some vittles!!! It was a great time, and is one of my fondest memories. While playing, my companion took some pictures, and this particular one was a time exposure, or something like that, and came out looking very cool. Hey Mr. Photographer -- hope you are well, sweetie!!!