Mom and the kids..... this was taken on the couch in the family room. 
Nathaniel is 10, and Katie has just turned 8. Mom is old enough. 
Katie's school picture spring 2000 Nat's spring 2000 picture. 
My Tae Kwon Do Champions -- 
Taken after the Ehrmantraut Tae Kwno Do meet in Bismarck, January, 2001. What a way to start the year, huh?
From left to right:
Katie - 1st Place Forms Trophy, White Belt
Nat - 3rd Place Sparring Trophy, 1st Place Medal for Power Kick Challenge, 3rd Place Forms Trophy; Brown Belt.


Had a request from a friend for a picture of me alone......
Well, here we go.....
just what do YOU think I was thinking,
with that hint of a smirk 
behind the eyes... 
grins... yeah, you guessed - 
how funny life can 
turn itself around!!!