End of Year Composition Project


SCALES – Assignment 1


  1. In your finale notepad, open a new piece, title it “Scales”. The composer should be you.


  1. For instrument, select Chorus, then Voice.


  1. Select 2-4 time signature, key of C Major.


  1. Begin, writing in quarter notes, 


    1. C major scale
    2. G major scale
    3. D major scale
    4. F major scale
    5. B-flat major scale


Do these with out using key signatures, only using the accidentals (sharps and flats) necessary to fit the pattern of whole steps and half steps.


  1. SAVE your work, calling it ‘yournamescales’ (ie, kittmaasscales)



Harmony – Assignment 2


1.                  Open new composition, title it Harmonies


2.                  Composer should be you.


3.                  Select one instrument, any instrument you like


4.                  Select a 4-4 time signature, and pick a key you are comfortable with.


5.                  Write out, in whole notes, the I, the IV, the V and then the I chord in the key you have selected.


6.                  SAVE your work, calling it ‘yournameharm’.



Melody – Assignment 3


1.                  Open a new composition, title it Melody


2.                  Composer should be you.


3.                  Set your piece up for one instrument, any one, select a time signature and key signature – using keys of up to only 2 sharps or 2 flats.


4.                  Compose an 8 measure melody that has:


a.       A form of question/answer

b.      Rhythmic variety,

c.       Mostly stepwise motion,

d.      Begins and ends on the first note of the key/scale you are using.

e.       Will follow a I –IV –V – I chord pattern.


5.                  Save your work as ‘yournamemel’.






            Create a piece of your own making, using up to 4 instruments (percussion or drum instruments count as one). There should be a clear melody, even if it gets divided up between the instruments. There should be harmony – multiple instruments will each take one or two notes to form chords for the melody. The piece must be at least 16 measures long. It should begin and end on a I chord. You MUST use I, IV, and V chords, but may use others if you like. The measure BEFORE the very last measure should have a V chord in it before starting the last measure. (The V chord can come in on beat one, or on beat three – but should be on a strong beat.)


Do NOT make these excessively slow or fast as they will be performed for the class.


Save your work as ‘yournamecomp’. Title it anything you like.




Suggestion: we have very limited time for these, so try to get your scales and harmony and melody assignments complete the first class, definitely by the half mark of our next class. That leaves you one and half to two classes to complete your composition. If you would like to work on this at home, try writing your ideas out on manuscript paper, then bringing it in. If you have downloaded the finale program at home and wish to work on it there, you must SAVE your file onto a floppy disk, and get it to me BEFORE class time so that I can save it in the school system for you to continue working on it in class.


If you have difficulty or questions outside of class, you may call me at 277-0824.


We will try to have these all performed before the end of school, and we will either be performing live, or on my keyboard which I will bring to class the days of the performances.