Upload/Download Page for Assignments 6A & 6B

5/25 Update
Tech difficulties and Administrator meltdown prevented uploading of your files yesterday... they will be loaded TODAY, 5/25. THANK you.

Copy of Assignment received in class


If you have NOT already done so, please download and install the Finale Notepad 2003a software. When prompted for a registration number or serial number, enter

To Download
To get your files, you will go to another page. You do not need your password or file name... simply find your name in the chart, and select the files you wish to work on. RIGHT CLICK on the name of the song to SAVE the LINK TARGET. If you have questions, please contact me. Your files are HERE.

To Upload
Please scroll down to enter the path and filename to upload from your computer. You can click on "Browse", find the file on your computer, click on the filename, select "open" and then "Submit." Or, you can manually enter the filename.

For example, to upload your Finale Notepad assignment, if Finale Notepad saves your files to My Documents, you would enter

C:\My Documents\FILENAME.mus

where "FILENAME" is the name you gave your file when you saved it, and the extension ".mus" is EXACTLY as it is in your computer - either capital letters or small case.

After you press 'submit', you will be redirected to my home page.

You SHOULD also email the file to me at blsac@maasmusic.com to be certain I get it.

File To Upload: