Maas Music Studio

"The reasonable thing is to learn from those who can teach." -Sophocles

Music is at the heart of our very culture and identifies us as it expresses the unspoken murmurings of the soul. In my studio, I guide students
through their developing mastery of this language, offering lessons in piano, flute and voice.

Individual instruction available for all piano levels, beginning through advanced, on a weekly or bi-monthly basis depending on
each student's need. Lessons will provide opportunities to learn performance and critical listening skills through participation in
NGPT auditions, local festivals and an end of year recital.
While learning the technical demands of their instrument students will explore their own musicianship and gain a basic
knowledge of music theory and music history.
Utilizing our richly talented community resources ensures a well rounded musical experience. Students are encouraged to
participate in school band and vocal programs, volunteer their talent for their church services, and attend community concerts.
A commitment to learning through practice from both parents and students is the most important ingredient for successful learning of
an instrument. Regular practice and following studio policies will result in the rewards of a job well done!

Studio Policies

The following teaching policies will be in place for the current teaching year. Please read through them, sign and return the attached form, and if you have any questions call me and we will
discuss them!

The year is divided into two sessions. A third summer session will be announced in the spring. Tuition for fall or spring sessions is $160 for 30-minute lessons, $240 for 45-minute lessons,
payable at the first lesson. If you prefer to make installments, an initial installment of $80/$120 will be due the first lesson, and the 2nd installment will be due by Oct. 23 for fall, Feb. 19
for spring. Students terminating lessons mid term will receive a refund for whole months left in the term.

Overdue Tuition Fee
If a tuition payment is not received within two weeks of its due date, a $5.00 overdue fee will be added.

Missed Lessons
Make-up lessons will only be given when school is missed due to illness, or if sudden extreme weather conditions occur, or on a scheduled make-up day for those students whose
lessons fall on national holidays. Make-ups will not be given for any other reason. If you wish, you can have your name, phone number, and lesson time published on a "lesson-swap"
list. All students who choose to be on the swap list will receive a copy and can then rearrange lessons for important and unavoidable conflicts. I must be notified in advance of changed
lesson times. If a student cannot attend the lesson for reasons other than those listed above and cannot arrange a swap, the lesson is forfeited. If the teacher cannot attend a lesson for reasons
other than those listed above, and cannot arrange a swap, the teacher may provide the option of attempting to arrange another time. If unable to, the teacher will forfeit the income.

Books & Supplies
Students will begin using my materials or any materials they currently have in their home. Once we select music for purchase, I will either order it in your name from Eckroth's, or provide
you the information so you may order it. Any materials loaned to the student must be returned in the condition in which they left. Copying, book damage and replacement costs will be billed
to the student.

A calendar will be given to each student with the dates of all known local music concerts or group activities. Students are expected to make every effort to attend group functions.

All students are required to have a well-maintained instrument, and older students a metronome and music dictionary. Please inquire about technicians, and
BEFORE purchasing a metronome. I prefer the Brief Harvard Dictionary of Music, available at Eckroth's. Each student will need a lesson book for me to write
in - either a manuscript book or a plain spiral notebook (stenographer pad or larger) will do. This should be brought to each lesson. Students will also need
a pocket folder for handouts. Daily practice time should equal the length of the lessons, or more. Students arriving late, without materials or unprepared
on a regular basis will be asked to find another teacher.
All piano students must have short fingernails. Fingernails should be cut as short as possible, flush with the end of the finger. Students who arrive for their
lesson with long fingernails will either use lesson time to cut their nails, or will be sent home.
Please be sure your child is inside my house before driving away! Students should first RING THE DOORBELL and then immediately enter, using the front
door. Parents are welcome to sit in on an initial lesson in order to observe, but should not plan to attend lessons regularly. Students who come unprepared
repeatedly will be terminated.
Students and parents should ALWAYS call with questions or concerns; please do so between 9:30 AM and 9:30 PM.

Kathryn Gaines Maas, pianist, teacher and liturgical musician, received her MA in piano performance from University of Iowa. She held several church
positions as Director of Music while maintaining a teaching studio before devoting her time primarily to homemaking and raising a family. Kathryn has
been teaching since 1978 in a variety of studio settings, and maintains membership in Music Teachers National Association and the National Guild of
Piano Teachers. She is also available for judging, coaching, weddings, receptions, parties, liturgy seminars and workshops, and performance seminars.

Please call for rates and availability.

16-Week Fall Session (Aug 30 - Dec. 17): Lessons will begin on August 30, 1999. No lessons will be taught on the following days:
Oct. 21,22 No School
Nov. 25,26: Thanksgiving

Make-ups may be scheduled on Dec. 20th, and on various Fridays throughout the term.

16-Week Spring Session (Jan. 3 - May 1): Lessons will begin on January 3, 2000. Regular lessons will be taught on all school holidays. A spring break may
be built into the calendar. There are three weeks scheduled for makeups in May.

Group activities, lesson days, recital, festivals, and other events will be included on the Activity calendar which will be given to each student at their lesson.
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